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Seven Days: Vermont Car Blog

September 02, 2008

Mini Cooper sets the pace for Burlington Criterium


It was a beautiful Labor Day as Andy Bonfigli of Earthycars.com drove the Mini Cooper pace car for the Burlington Criterium. Each year downtown Burlington, VT gets turned into a pro bicycling course. This year Jake Hollenbach of Burlington's own Skirack won the Top Pro Men's race as captured in this video.

Car and Driver has a new article out titled Guilt Free Fun about cars that are great fun to drive, but also won't kill your wallet at the gas pumps. Of course the Mini Cooper makes that list!

Enjoy the race!


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Don Eggert

I wish I could have been there. It's a lot of fun watching everyone whip around those corners.


Wow, who is that cool dude driving the mini cooper!! Hot!


www.Earthycars.com is the best used car dealer around, it doesnt surprise me that they volunteer to do this race and help out the burlington bike race! Way to go!

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