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Seven Days: Vermont Car Blog

September 18, 2008

What car are you?

I was speaking at the How Design Conference in New Orleans, LA several years ago and  a fellow presenter there posed this question to the audience: If you have a personal brand, what is that brand? If you were a car, what type of car would you be?

The task presented was to look to the people seated to your right and left and decide what type of car they were. Then we compared notes with each other and found out what type of car we “projected." I was deemed a Nissan Pathfinder. That’s cool.


My whole mantra is usability and function, so I’ve spent many years behind the wheel of people- and gear-movers like my old Chevy Suburban and Chrysler Town & Country Minivan. Not too exciting. Someone once actually called my minivan a “loser cruiser.” That hurt. Both vehicles served me well, though.

Now that my life is seemingly revolving around autos, I’m asking myself this question again. What kind of car do you think I am? How about yourself? your best friend? your significant other?


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David White

I'm a Nissan X-terra...

Colby Roberts

A swedish sports-car!


I think I would be a convertible Volkswagen Beetle....is there such a car?

Jim B.

Lotus Elan - lightweight, overachieving, all about performance... from the function flows the form.

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