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October 13, 2008

Bob Sr.'s Weekend Racing Highlights

Editor's Note: Bob Sr. is my dad. He has been racing cars for almost 50 years. If he's not racing on the weekend you'll find him watching auto racing on TV. Every Monday he'll post an update with highlights and the inside scoop on the previous weekend’s big races.


Japanese Grand Prix
Fuji, Japan

Hamilton2_2 McClaren's Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the sixth time this season but really botched his start. In an apparent move to make up for that miserable start he sharply cut off his teammate, Heikki Kovalainen, on the long straight before the first turn. Then Hamilton over-braked into turn one forcing Kimi Raikkonen in the overtaking Ferrari to take evasive action.

Still in lap one Hamilton fell back to fifth where Filipe Massa, his arch rival for the Championship, was trying to make up for his own surprisingly poor starting position. They put on a good battle for fifth until Massa body slammed him causing Lewis to spin to the back of the field while Massa was able to continue. Massa was given a drive-thru penalty for his stupid action and Hamilton the same for trying to take Kimi out in turn one. Hamilton could have been given another for chopping off his teammate on his mad dash to the first turn. Clearly not the best of moves for the two potential World Champions.

Kubica smoothly took over first with Alonso, the previous race winner at Singapore, tagging along closely in second. Renault's pit crew got Alonso out in front after their series of pit stops and Kubica was not able to match his pace.

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen meanwhile had been slowly moving up in the field after his altercation with Hamilton. After several failed passing attempts on Kubica he resigned himself to the 3rd place podium finish. Kimi, the current F1 World Champion felt his car was capable of winning having led into the first turn before contact with both McClaren drivers, Hamilton and Kovalainen, which caused some problems with his front suspension.

Hamilton still ends up retaining his championship lead with 84 points, Massa 5 behind with 79, Kubica with 72 and poor Raikkonen at 63 having scored ZERO points five times this year because of uncharacteristic mechanical failures often while leading.

Renault and Alonso are on a roll and with less than ten points between the first three drivers he could still cause some trouble.

McClaren lost the lead in the Manufacturers Championship to Ferrari with Kimi and Massa picking  up 8 points for Scuderia Ferrari.

Next stop for the traveling circus known as Formula One is Shanghai, China on October 19th.


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