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October 19, 2008

Some Tips For Negotiating To Buy A Car

When you sit down to negotiate the price for your next car or truck the more cards you hold the better position you will be in. Financing is a key component. Get pre-approved for a loan so that you know what you can afford and don’t have to rely on the dealer to provide financing for you. Sometimes a dealership can offer you better terms than you can find from your local lender, sometimes they’re worse. By all means consider what the dealership has to offer, but if you are pre-approved you take control of that portion of the negotiation. This allows you to focus on the price.

When you’re ready to buy it’s easy to get over excited and just go pick out a car and want to buy it right away. Force yourself to take the time to compare at least two or three different makes and models with comparable features that meet the criteria you have decided will meet your needs. When you decide to make an offer keep your options open. Don’t just focus on that one car. If negotiations aren’t going your way have a plan “b” car and be ready to step back and logically consider your choices.


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