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November 03, 2008

Covered Bridge RallyCross at Weaver Farm

The New England Region of the Sports Car Club of America hosted the Covered Bridge RallyCross presented by Team O'Neil at Weaver Farm in Huntington, VT on November 1st and 2nd, 2008. My friend Noel and I got out there just in time to see the last runs on Sunday afternoon. Man that looks like fun. I can't wait until I can get out there next year.

Probably more than half of the vehicles were Subarus, then some Audis, A Toyota Tacoma and others. If you recognize (or are) any of the drivers in the video please comment below to share that information.

I made the mistake of looking at a map to choose my route out to the Rally Cross. From Rt. 116 in Starksboro we headed up dirt roads that eventually turned into logging roads that were finally too much for my Scion XB. We had to turn it around and find another route, but we saw some nice Sugar Bush (stands of trees tapped for maple sap) along the way. When we did finally get over to the farm what a great spot for some Rally Cross action! The farm sits more or less on the northwest slope of Molly Stark and Beane Mountains. Kudos to the Weaver family for sharing it!


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Well the blue wrx wagon used as the picture for the video is my car with my dad driving. It is the same wagon that was at the Philo hillclimb last weekend. You also used a picture of it for the Philo hillclimb article. The silver impreza 2.5rs is Seth. The audi wagon with the trophy attached to the top is Nick. We are all members of SCCV. If we knew you were there one of us could have probably given you a ride.

Seth A

Hi Bob,
I didn't see you at the event, had I known you were there I would have given you a ride.
The blue subaru wagon still shot is Dennis R, giving a friend(Bill) a ride in his son's(Chris R) car. Chris drove at Mt Philo last weekend.
I was in the silver subaru sedan at the beginning of the video(and taxi'd you up the hill at Philo). Another local is Nick G in his mad max inspired gold audi 5000 wagon.
Fun was had by all. You can compete in just about any vehicle as long as it can pass the tech inspection(they check for loose suspension joints, and weak wheel bearings). No special prep is required, though snow tires are a wise decision if you want to get any traction. If you want to give it try, check www.ner.org as there is another rallycross coming up next month near Ascutney Vermont.
Great video.....even though it shows I can't drive worth a damn ;-)

Seth A

You always have to beat me, don't you Chris? ;-)

Bob Kilpatrick

I'm getting an old Impreza to kick around in this Winter. I just have to wait until they deliver the current owners Honda Fit. If I get it by the next rallycross I'll try my best to get down there. My brother-in-law lives right at the bottom of the hill from that location.

Tyler Semple

Hi Bob. Nice blog and video. The black Audi was me. Maybe we'll see ya at Wolf Chase next month.

Noah Perkins

The White evo in the video was DMitry... I am the Co-Driver of it (#71)... You should have gotten video of me... I was faster...

Holy crap we need to raise the car more.

Brian kilpatrick

Bob this looks like some major fun!


What an awesome event! Thanks for opening my eyes, Bob. I'm looking forward to next year's Kilpatrick terror on wheels.

Kevin Howard

Good Times had by all ! The white legacy in the video is mine. What better way to have fun than with a $100 P.O.S.


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