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December 07, 2008

Gas Price Conspiracy Theory

Why Are Gas Prices Really So Low?

The all-time-high gas prices we saw this Summer tipped the scales of power around the world. New oil producers were starting to get enough money to invest in infrastructure that would make them serious competitors with OPEC. Here's an idea. What if OPEC is engaging in a price war to drive them out? From the corner store to international corporations this game has played out time and time again. Larger, better-financed companies drop their prices and hold them there until they drive out their competition. Then when the competition is removed the prices spike right back up.

This scenario is not my own, but David Byrne's, former lead singer from the Talking Heads, but David got me thinking...

Gas_sickle Have you noticed Russia getting in the world's face again lately? They've been quiet for years, but they are suddenly popping up with bold new moves in countries like Georgia, Venezuela, Cuba and Iran. They've been enabled by oil profits to start shaking things up. Want to shut them down? Drop oil prices and their new found profits and bravado either dry up or become meaningless. Who would be behind that move? That's bigger than OPEC.

So why are gas prices so low?


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