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January 30, 2009

MINI And Apple Teaming Up

Mini_apple MINI, one of the industry’s most innovative companies when it comes to marketing, is again finding fun new ways to raise awareness for their product line. MINI Financial Services announced this week the launching of “MINI Liquid Assets,” an interactive arcade style Apple iPhone and iPod Touch application based on the old school water jet games we all used to play back when you could still have fun with only two buttons and a directional pad. The game, which is available for free download through the iTunes App store plays a lot like you think it would. Players use the face buttons to guide their coins through a rugged stream while trying to avoid various enemies. The objective is to get the coins to the safety zone where your MINI cars are waiting. Who said financing is boring? Showcasing the full product line of MINI vehicles through various levels, and offering a built in MINI dealer location device using Google Maps as a feature in the game, MINI has paved the way for a new interactive way to reach out to consumers.  


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Is there a source to this info, or do you just kind of make it up? Seriously, though where do you get this info? Doesn't someone actually deserve credit for this...


Hi Tom,
There's this thing called the internet and you can find all sorts of information there. Even on hard to find, top-secret stuff like this nationwide marketing campaign by Mini. Seriously you should check it out sometime.

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