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February 08, 2009

A Little Assurance Goes A Long Way For Hyundai

Amidst a a struggling market, one auto maker has found a way to get ahead. Hyundai and its subsidy Kia both reported encouraging U.S. sales numbers for the month of January. This is great news for Burlington Cars Hyundai and Berlin City Kia in Williston. Hyundai Motor America reportedly sold 24,512 vehicles last month representing a 14% rise in sales from January of 2008.  Kia Motor America sold 22,096 the second best January ever for Kia. How are they doing it? In late December of last year, Hyundai introduced an assurance program with the purchase of new cars. The program allows consumers to return their vehicle and get out of their contract if they have lost their job since purchasing a new Hyundai or Kia. With an unstable job market Hyundai’s assurance program has put potential customer’’s mind’s at ease when weighing the risk versus rewards of purchasing a new car.Hyundai-kia-logo.thumbnail


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