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February 13, 2009

Ford Announces Electrifying News

Ford Motor Co. announced this week at the Chicago Motor show that they will be producing the first all electric battery powered car to hit the North American market. The Ford Transit Connect is designed to cater to the commercial platform  and will be available at Ford dealerships beginning in 2010. The Van is modeled after the European version that was introduced back in 2003.


With an estimated 100 miles per charge, and 135 feet of cubic storage space, the Transit Connect aims to provide small business owners with an environmentally friendly alternative to move their products across local markets. The Transit Connect is the first implementation of a larger plan by Ford to bring battery powered vehicles to the North American market. These include a small electric car by 2011 and next generation hybrids and plug in versions of Ford vehicles by 2012.



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Bob Uppendown

Good to see Smith being recognized at last. They've been building electric vehicles for over 85 years, in which time they've quietly shipped tens of thousands of them worldwide. Take a look at the Case Studies page on their website http://www.smithelectricvehicles.com to see some of the various uses to which they've been put in the past year or so. Next month (3-6 March) they are sponsoring the Green Pavilion at the Work Truck Show in Chicago. And this summer they'll begin marketing their all-electric 7.5ton Newton truck in the USA, following its sales success in Europe, where logistics company TNT recently bought 150 of them.

Bob Uppendown

I suppose I should clarify that Smith Electric Vehicles is the company that Ford have chosen to be their partner in producing that 2010 electric van.

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