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February 26, 2009

iPhone Changing The Way We Think About Cars

Dwn_ichange_iphone_2 Apple’s iPhone has countless helpful and productive applications available that can make its users lives easier or at the very least more interesting. With these applications the iPhone rolls many functions once performed by individual devices into one central device. Perhaps in the not to distant future we can add one more function to the list of things that the iPhone has replaced - car keys. Introducing the iChange, an iPhone controlled concept car by Swiss auto design house Rinspeed that will be introduced this week at the Geneva Motor Show. The iChange will use an iPhone to lock, unlock, and start the vehicle. The iPhone connects to a holder on the dashboard and a green start button appears on the screen of the phone. Pushing the button starts the car. Once in motion drivers can control applications such as turn signals and headlights with the iPhone. The iChange does not stop there however; the car has an adaptive body that optimizes aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. In its standard design, the vehicle can seat one, but with the push of a button the rear roof opens and transforms into extra seating for two.

Dwn_ichange_side_2 The iChange uses two lithium ion batteries with different configurations for short and long distance driving. It can adapt its power output according to passenger weight. The car also has a built in navigation system that will figure out the most fuel-efficient route to your destination. The iChange is still a concept car and there is no set date for its release, but it will be interesting to see what role if any this new technology plays in the designs of next-generation vehicles.


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