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April 22, 2009

Auto Makers Thinking Universally

Plug-in-hybrid-car-phev1 Mass production of electric vehicles took a huge step forward on Monday at a technology fair in Hanover, Germany. RWE, a German energy and natural gas utility company has announced an agreement between Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Toyota and Mitsubishi to universalize plugs for electric cars. “A car must be able to be recharged in Italy in exactly the same way as in Denmark, Germany or France," a spokesperson from RWE said in a press release.  The plan is for a three-pronged, 400-volt plug that will rest where the gas lid sits on an internal combustion engine. RWE says that it will only take a matter of minutes to charge your car at a charging station. It is unclear at this point whether or not this technology will be implemented in the first generation of electric vehicles in the US such as the Chevy Volt, but the agreement is viewed as a major stepping stone towards making electric cars more practical and competitive.  


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I think this is a good step taken by RWE in universalizing plugs for electric cars. Now it is to see hoe it helps the electric vehicles and when it gets implemented.

Digger Derrick Truck

That is awesome. Great post. Thanks for sharing. :)

Boom Truck

interesting post! thanks for sharing!

Utility trailers

I love the idea of rechargeable cars. These cars will help our planet go green. To universalize plugs for electric cars is great.

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